Tibetan Magnesium Chloride 2kg

Tibetan Magnesium Chloride 2kg

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Tibetan Plateau Magnesium Chloride 2 kg – Flakes

Premium quality, High purity, low impurity Magnesium Chloride. The Tibetan Plateau is 3200mtrs above sea level in an untamed land isolated from pollutants and contaminants. Equal to anything else in the world.

Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate MgCL2.6H2O - 100% approx

Magnesium Chloride MgCl2 - 46.4% approx

No heavy metals detected and very low bromides 0.0024%

This human grade magnesium chloride is not certified Food Grade but is compliant to Food Grade specs. This is purely to do with the packing environment, that is it is food grade quality but not packed according to food grade specifications in a stainless steel dust free factory etc.

Magnesium is important in bone formation along with calcium and phosphorous. It also plays a leading role in metabolic processes and helps to lower circulating insulin levels, therefore reducing glucose uptake. Magnesium Chloride is very readily absorbed. Best results are achieved by dissolving in water and feeding twice daily. One tablespoon twice a day is an initial dose and it can be increased for horses with severe deficiencies. When stools become loose reduce the dose.

Suggested Use:

Step 1

Dissolve 1/2 tbsp of flakes in water and add the resulting solution to each feed, preferably twice daily. if you have any problems, start with a weaker solution as starting with weak solution allows the horse’s body time to adjust to a new source of magnesium. Increasing quantity or strength too quickly may cause scouring.
Step 2
Continue slowly increasing the strength of the solution over a period of some six weeks or so, or until a slight softening of the manure is noticed. When this happens, reduce the amount of magnesium chloride fed each day to the previous level, then maintain at this level. If a softening of the manure is again noticed after already having reduced the amount of magnesium chloride being fed, this may indicate the horse’s body stores of magnesium are being well replenished, so the amount of magnesium can again be reduced. It may also indicate the horse’s daily needs have reduced, even if only temporarily.
Lower sugar content of pasture or hay will reduce need for magnesium, for example. The horse should then be observed closely for any signs of returning magnesium deficiency so that the dosage rate can be adjusted back up if necessary. When body stores of magnesium have been replenished, it should be possible to reduce the amount fed. As the body can only absorb so much at a time, this may take many months or even a year or two and will depend on the quantity of high-sugar feeds ingested, how much magnesium is excreted and the needs of each individual horse.
Body stores of magnesium cannot be assessed by blood test as only around 1% of body magnesium is found in the blood. Cessation of deficiency signs has been found to be the only reliable way to determine that any individual horse is receiving an adequate daily supply of magnesium from all sources.

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Jade B.
Australia Australia
Great product

Very happy I came across your salt. I use it in my baths so the large quantity is perfect

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