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Knotted Hay Nets - Small
Shannen Johnson
Great quality

Great quality and even a small can fit a few biscuits of hay in! Super strong holding together well as my horse likes to flick it around

Knotless 4x4 round bale

Horsed were equally interested without wasting a single piece of hay. I was so impressed I've ordered a 2nd net. These nets will pay themselves off in no time at all.

Brilliant nets

So much stronger than past nets, will definitely buy more, they are a perfect size with room for bigger bales of hay

Best hay net we've ever had.

I'm excited to use our new net. The materials are soft and it's knotless. I had quit using hat nets due to the risk of hooves getting caught but this slow feed net alleviates that concern. Now I won't be cleaning up all that hay that falls out of our hay bags due to the size of the holes. Happy I found Gutzbusta.

Great quality

I got a new rescue horse in that had been a little undernourished and not used to having food on hand. I purchased the extra large knotted 30mm net because I wanted a sturdy net as I was sure how he would go never have access to a slow feed net before. Although he was great with it, I would definitely recommend the knotted if you want the piece of mind of a sturdy net when introducing sliw feeding to a new horse. It takes two small bales nicely and hung a little off the ground works perfectly. I purchased two and they are my go to for introducing hungry new horses to the luxury life if slowly feeding. Highly recommend.


Excellent product thanks

Knotless hay nets

These feed nets work exactly how they advertise , slowing the horse down whilst eating . 5stars

Happy mini hoof kids

These nets are awesome. Strong, safe for minis and easy to wash and quick to dry when they land in the mud.

Good so far

Have only had it for a week so will be interested to see how long it lasts and stands up to two horses at it all day, every day.

Stops excess wastage of hay

Working well so far with no wastage of hay. Covering with a tarp helps to stop ruining with rain.

Great produce

Great product

Best hay bags

I have tried several different hay bags, but these are the best by far. We have 4 of them and the horse love them. Helps my horse with stomach issues tremendously.

Knotless small net

Great product. I was concerned how my horses would cope, having to work for their food but they worked out how to go out about it really quickly. With the soft material I don't need to be concerned about their teeth but they dont bite the net anyhow.

Love them

Love it

So easy to fill.

Perfect upgrade to my hay net

I bought this to replace the stiffer plastic drawstring that the round bales have. I tie my bake to a tree to stop them neing rolled around the paddock. This softer rope is so much easier to tie knots in and doesnt pull so tight that it is hard to undo. Love it.

Game changer

This hay net is fantastic , its easy to fill and strong .
I hang mine over a feed bin on the wall so what little drops the horse eats later getting the hay up of the ground in this strong sturdy net has been a game changer wastage is at a minimal to none.

Handy size

Brillant easy to fill hay net

Great hay net easy to fill and keeps my horse stimulated longer fits 3/4 biscuits in easy would highly recommend these nets 💯

Keeps bale together stops the spread and reduces the rate of consumption . Win win in these times of hay shortage .

Easily loaded with the number of hay biscuits it is supposed to take

The single most annoying thing about old style slow feeders is loading them, it can be a real struggle. With these ones just put the number biscuits in and pull the draw string and you are ready to go, no stuffing, no struggle.

Well made hay net

I’m really pleased with this hay net, it’s thick, sturdy and my horse eats from it with no problem. It has definitely slowed him down from gobbling all of his hay.

Large knotless slow feed net

This is a quality hay net that is soft for horses lips and teeth, but will stand up to horses that might be rough with it. I love how it opens up on the wide side, makes it easy to get the bale in without a struggle! I put them in water tanks and secure them through holes I have drilled in the sides so that my horse can't throw it out! Love them!!

Medium Knotless Slow Feed Hay Net

I'm very pleased with this net - it is soft (no more sore mouth), easy to load, and durable.

Horse and donkey chewed holes in pretty quickly