Why are GutzBusta® Hay Nets So Popular?

Hay nets to fit your needs

We offer Australia’s largest variety of Slow Feed Hay Nets! Huge range of sizes and shapes to suit your paddock needs. 

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Fast and easy postage

We endeavour to get your slow feeder hay nets in the post as quickly as possible by always having available stocks.

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Generous hay net sizing

From small to round bale hay nets, our products have wide mouths therefore making them super easy to fill and use!

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What our customers say about our slow feed hay nets

Round Bale Hay Nets

Every GutzBusta Round Bale Hay Net is designed with large drawstrings to secure the hay net around your round bale. Our round bale hay nets are available in the following sizes:
4x4, 5x4, and 6x4.

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Medium Slow Feed Hay Nets

Our medium hay nets are 104cm wide x 89cm high and can take half a small bale of hay or approximately 4 to 6 biscuits of hay. Made from tough heat-treated 60ply polyethylene netting.

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Knotless Hay Nets

Slow feeder hay nets with super soft netting. Our knotless hay nets are made from 240-ply high strength PP (polypropylene) - the strongest in the Australian market. Available in round bale, large square bale, small, medium and large.

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Top Benefits of Using Slow Feed Hay Nets

Reduce incidences of choke

Hay nets stop gorging, only allowing a few strands of your hay to be eaten at once.

Improves mental health

Slow feeder hay nets simulate grazing improving your horses’ physical and mental health - horses are supposed to eat 18-20 hours a day. 

Reduces boredom in horses

Hay nets slow down your hay consumption rate and replicate your horses’ natural grazing pattern.

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