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Top Benefits of Using Slow Feed Hay Nets:

Reduce incidence of choke

Hay nets stop gorging, only allowing a few strands of your hay to be eaten at once and not huge mouthfuls.

Improves mental health

Slow feeder hay nets simulate grazing, improving your horses’ physical and mental health - horses are supposed to eat 18-20 hours a day. 

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Reduces boredom in horses

Hay nets slow down hay consumption rate and replicate your horses’ natural grazing pattern.

Medical Benefits of Horse Slow Feeding

Reduces incidence of stomach ulcers and colic:
Constant chewing allows sodium bicarbonate to be released in the horse's saliva therefore reducing risk of stomach ulcers by reducing the amount of HCI in the horse's stomach.

Great for Laminitic, IR, Cushings Horses:
With hay available all the time, there is no insulin spike. Allows free choice/ low carbohydrate hay access all the time. Pasture hay is usually the best (but not ryegrass or clover hay).

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