What happens to the excess netting as the horses eat the round bale down?

If you haven’t tried using round bale hay nets before, you might be wondering what happens to the excess netting as the horses eat the round bale down. This is one of the most asked questions we receive from our customers. And the answer to that is pretty simple...nothing!  

Slow Feeders for Horses: 10 Things to Remember When Using Hay Nets

Using slow feeders for horses like the GutzBusta® Slow Feeding Hay Nets has been linked to a lot of benefits. However, just like any slow feeding tools, you should know how to utilise hay nets properly before using them. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you get started.

GutzBusta Hay Nets for Livestock – not just for horses!

Many people are now using our hay nets for all livestock. Although primarily used for horses, slow feed hay nets are increasing in popularity for assisting in managing livestock as well. 
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