Customer Ideas #1

We often get some GREAT customer ideas, Here is one of them!

Nikki here! We often get customers emailing us or commenting on our social media pages about how their GutzBusta Hay Net has improved the management of their horses or livestock. ❤️❤️

We also get ingenious' feeding station' ideas, shelter ideas, or practical solutions to problems people have encountered. Rather than keep that information to ourselves, we thought it was high time we share some of these solutions and ideas with you, just in case it could also help you with the management of your own animals.

Lesley B in New Zealand with a 6x4 4cm / 1 3/4" Knotless GutzBusta Hay Net. She has a fantastic feeder setup that her hubby helped create. ❤️ Thanks so much for sharing Lesley.

Customer ideas!

We've just received our second 15 bale equivalent net, and now both are out in place doing exactly what they are designed to do.

At the moment we have straw rounds in there as there is enough green grass in the paddocks. Both are on hard pack ground where the horses stand when the paddocks are soaking wet.

The new hay feeders hubby made are doing their thing now the roofing iron has been added and the horses have access 24/7 so I never need to worry about empty stomachs and ulcers.

Best quality nets by far with the knotless, easy to install (we just roll the straw bale into the net and pull it up so the tie goes over the roof truss that way we can tighten it as the bale gets eaten down. Not yet sure of how we will manoeuvre the heavier baleage in when needed but necessity is the mother of invention so will figure out a way.

In the meantime - it works a treat! Thanks Gutzbusta.

Great shelter idea!

At the moment we just have the tie swung over the joist but are experimenting with having four (up each corner post), but it's working effectively at the moment as it is.

If we pop a double-sided tie ring up each post we could use a double-ended dog clip to lift the corner of the net up as they eat it down but right now it's all a work in action.

The bale has been in there for two weeks now so you can see not much wastage at all and available 24/7 for self-choice.

I must admit to not thinking the hay cover (shed part) would be very effective against the tumultuous rains we have had these last few weeks but was surprised!! The straw is still crispy dry, the horses nibble the outside and don't mind the wet, and is only a tiny percent wet compared to the huge 15 bale straw round we put in there.

Will be an incredible team (the hay shelter and the Gutzbusta), for winter and summer feeding. Also, there are six horses - two herds of three that get access to the straw.

Thanks, Gutzbusta!