Using a Carabiner clip with your Drawstring!

We often get asked how and why you would use the carabiner clips with a hay net, so here is a quick explanation into how to use a Carabiner clip with your Drawstring!

Why use a Carabiner?

The Carabiner clips make hanging or securing your hay net quick and easy, especially if tying a secure knot isn't your forte in life!

This can however be very important if, for example, your horse is shod. The last thing you want is your knot from tying up your hay net to come undone.

Using a carabiner clip with the drawstring knot at the end

One of the ways we recommend using your carabiner

This is the quickest and easiest use of the carabiner clip and basically means you are pulling your hay net out of the packet, and then you clip it through one of the lengths of drawstring.

Always check that the simple knot at the end of the drawstring is tied up well and won't come undone (especially if your horse is shod). Make sure the knot isn't too close to the end of the drawstring so that it doesn't slip off, coming undone.

From here you can do any number of things:

  • Wrap the drawstring around a post, pole or any other secure object and simply clip the clip back onto the drawstring - this will give you a longer drawstring length if the item you wrap the item around a thin object.
  • Do the same as above, but feed the drawstring knot and clip through the mouth/closure end of the net and either:
    • Clip the carabiner back onto the drawstring lengths or,
    • Clip the clip across the mouth of the net, or
    • Clip the clip onto a couple of pieces of the netting itself.

Using a carabiner clip by feeding the drawstring through the clip!

If you require a long length of a drawstring, a specific length, or a really short length, then this can be a great way of using your clip.

Simply undo the simple knot at the end of your drawstring, and then tie a small loop at the end of one drawstring. With the other end of the drawstring, feed this through the 'hole' at the end of the carabiner clip.

At the appropriate length for your requirements, tie a clove hitch knot, or any other secure knot to 'fix' the carabiner at a certain length. You can then simply wrap your drawstring around the object you are securing the net to and do one of the following options; either:

  • Clip the clip back onto the drawstring itself, or
  • Feed the clip through some netting at the mouth of the net and clip the net back on itself, the netting or netting on either side of the mouth of the hay net.

Carabiner Clip - Heavy Duty  Carabiner Clip - Heavy Duty

To read more about this please continue to this link - Is Teff safe? What factors affect the sugar content? Thank you for reading, we welcome any feedback, news, and ideas that our customers have in terms of using hay nets, including future product ideas.❤️

Also check out this video on How to extend the length of your drawstring? I's super easy!

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