GutzBusta® Knotted Hay Nets - Round Bales
GutzBusta® Knotted Hay Nets - Round Bales
GutzBusta® Knotted Hay Nets - Round Bales
GutzBusta® Knotted Hay Nets - Round Bales
GutzBusta® Knotted Hay Nets - Round Bales
Product image 1GutzBusta® Knotted Hay Nets - Round Bales
Product image 2GutzBusta® Knotted Hay Nets - Round Bales
Product image 3GutzBusta® Knotted Hay Nets - Round Bales
Product image 4GutzBusta® Knotted Hay Nets - Round Bales
Product image 5GutzBusta® Knotted Hay Nets - Round Bales

GutzBusta® Knotted Hay Nets - Round Bales

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GutzBusta® Round Bale Hay Nets are easy to fit and reduce the incidence of colic, choke, stomach ulcers, boredom, hay wastage, and stable vices.

Our round bales come in different sizes (sizes on the left are in feet):

  • 4x4 (1.2m x 1.2m)
  • 5x4 (1.5m x 1.2m)
  • 6x4 (1.8m x 1.2m)

Not sure what size to purchase?  Did you know that you can always buy a bigger net and convert it down to the smaller-sized bale if needed?  However, if for example you are only ever going to get 4x4 round bales, then there is no use buying a larger hay net.

Do you know how to measure a round bale of hay to decide what sized round bale you need?

Not sure how to put your hay net onto a round bale?  We have extensive information on this on our Blog page which includes a video link.  For a super detailed version on how to put a hay net on your round bale with lots of options on what to do with the drawstring, then please click here.

Are you after some flexibility in sizing?  Sometimes, especially in drought situations we simply don't know where our hay is coming from next.  Sometimes it might be round bales, sometimes a Large Square 8x4x3 or 8x3x3 bale of hay is all that you can get.  In these times, our most flexible hay net is basically a 'one size fits all' hay net as it will fit these Large Square Bales, as well as all sizes of round bales.  The Large Square Bales are available in both knotted and knotless.  This is how easy it is to adjust the hay net down a size.


What material are the Gutzbusta® Hay Nets made from?

What hole size will suit my horse or livestock?

Why use GutzBusta®?

Don't waste your hay, order a GutzBusta ® today!

Our new design means they are larger and easier to put on and will fully encapsulate the bale if you want it to. Once you know the size of the hay net you need, you can then choose the hole size. 

Our 3cm hay nets are now 60ply - the strongest available on the Australian market. Due to the increased thickness of this netting and therefore more material per square meter, this netting costs us more to produce, and hence they are a little more expensive.

What material are the Gutzbusta® Hay Nets made from?

Our GutzBusta® Slow Feed Hay Nets are made from tough and durable, UV Stabilized, and heat-treated netting in 60ply polyethylene netting. This netting will not absorb water, therefore there is no change to the properties of the netting during inclement weather or if used to soak hay. 

What hole size will suit my horse or livestock?

Available in 3cm, 4cm, and 6cm (60ply), our Slow Feed Hay Nets are made from tough, durable, UV Stabilized, and heat-treated 60ply polyethylene netting. This netting is not water absorbent, so you don’t have to worry about your net getting heavy when soaked in water. 

3cm hole size 

This size is great for gutsy eaters, ponies, laminitic horses, or if your hay is really palatable and you want to slow consumption even more. We recommend this for horses and ponies that have tried slow-feed hay nets before. While some horses may be frustrated by this size, others accept it without hesitation. 

Despite no top teeth, we also have customers whose cattle can still eat from this size with palatable hay. Available in strong and durable 60ply. 60ply is not offered by any other slow feed business in Australia in 3cm sized holes.

4cm hole size 

Our most popular hole size. 95% of horses have no trouble accepting this hole size. It's also perfect for cattle, sheep, goats, donkeys, and alpacas, too. Available in 60ply and 48ply. 

6cm hole size

Works well for broodmares, old horses, or any horse, cow, sheep, alpaca, or goat that you aren't trying to restrict hay consumption with, but still want to reduce hay wastage. You can also use less palatable, coarse, or stalky hay with this size. Available in 60ply.

This link has many more ideas to help you decide on what sized hole hay net may suit your individual animals and situation.

Why use GutzBusta®?

GutzBusta® Round Bale Hay Net decreases wastage by up to 46%.  A 4x4 round bale can last 3 to 4 horses for 7 to 15 days with a 4cm net, depending on how cold the weather is.  

We also tested our hay net during the spring season. A 4x4 round bale can be used for up to 3 months for two horses as it wasn't overly palatable.

Our products are designed with large drawstrings to secure the hay net around your round bale. It’s easier to put on compared to other hay nets available in the market. We’ve been making slow feeders hay nets for over 8 years and we know how the netting behaves over time. This is why we developed a size and pattern that works to enable these nets to last longer. 

For more information and photos about our hay nets, please visit our livestock page and our FAQ & Help page.


It is not recommended to leave buckled halters or other types of buckled headgear on your horse when using ANY type of hay net as your horse may get caught. If your horse is shod then simply tie your net up a little higher. You can also put your net inside a box or other device that stops their feet from coming into contact with their hay net. Similarly, do not let horned animals such as sheep or goats, and cattle with ear tags eat from the hay nets as they may tear the netting, get entangled, or remove the ear tags.

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Aimee S.
Australia Australia

GutzBusta Round bale net

Fantastic hay nets. Much more durable than any other I’ve used.

Lily O.
Australia Australia

5x4 Round Bale Net

Absolutely love the product, it durable and saves so much wastage that the horses would otherwise just step on. Would defiantly recommend this product!

Peta H.
Australia Australia

Love love love

3 Horses went through a 4x4 bale in 5 days. With the guyzbusta it’s been 2 weeks and we aren’t even half way though the bale! So much less wastage !! And stopping the horses pigging out to much . Best purchase

Catherine B.
Australia Australia

Hay feeder

Brilliant product!!

Heather H.
Australia Australia

Loving the Gutzabusta net.

Two horses on a roll of oaten hay 24/7 - it was 22 days before I needed to change their roll. My horses are much more relaxed in their paddock with free access to hay all the time. There is much less hay wastage and no fighting over the hay.

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