What our customers think about our slow feed hay nets


"Hi Nikki,
Your knotless nets are the best!
I've tried so many nets over the years and with yours I’m 100% satisfied!
Thank you for a great product!
Kind regards."


"Thank you Nikki.
I’ve been using your nets for years and I absolutely love the quality of them. I’m looking forward to
these ones arriving."


"Your nets are just fabulous for delivering a feed regime that provides the best results for my ponies. Especially on those days when everything conspires against horse time, I can rest easy knowing that they will be happy browsing."


"I really love your slow feed hay nets and am looking forward to my 2 new ones. 
One of my boys is a dear little pony and unfortunately despite my best efforts he is in the throes of a bout of
laminitis. He also has very severe Cushing's Disease and has been on an ever increasing dose of meds for that. Without your brilliant design hay nets he would be much harder to manage. I very much enjoyed your informative article on laminitis.
Keep up the good work."

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"I use the big nets, can’t always get the big bales, this is only a 4x4 foot roll but the net tucks up nice and neat. This will last weeks like this. I’m just about to buy some small bale nets to use in my stables, fill them once a week."

Michael Semchison,
Retired International Equine Judge, QLD

"I was gifted with one of your nets this year and have been using it through the weaning process of my 2019 filly who is now 14h. I am really pleased with it, so now that new stables have been made, I decided to expand and use them in all the stalls now."


“Hi Nikki, I love your hay nets - I have a stash of different sizes ranging from ones to fit over round bales to small ones to hold single biscuits.
I fill up a week's worth at a time and have them ready to go. This is very helpful if I buy large square bales and split them as it saves time and effort. I also use them on the round bales which stops the horses spreading and wasting the bales. I've found it saves a good 20% of the bale.
Also appreciate the repair string that is included to make the nets last longer."

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