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The following testimonials are just a few of our MANY happy GutzBusta Hay Net customers over the years.
Testimonial from Jenny QLD

Jenny - QLD

I thought you might like to know that the round bale net I purchased a couple of months ago has been extremely successful with my sheep. I was a little concerned about them catching their feet but so far this has not been a problem. There has been little or no wastage of hay and at this rate it should pay for itself after only a few bales.

Definitely a great solution for feeding round bales to other stock, not just horses.

Showjumping horse & Testimonial from Alex - WA

Alex - WA

I just wanted to say how fantastic your hay nets are. When I first received them, I thought they wouldn't work and that they weren't strong enough. I was wrong! The hay nets are fantastic, they keep the horses entertained all day! The horses are much happier and healthier.

Lily is one of my showjumpers and Rosie Rocket was one of WA's most successful race mares winning over $460,000.

Thanks very much

Horses eating from a hanging GutzBusta hay net

Jenny - NSW

Thank u so much i have received my goods they are awesome my horses love them they stand there for hours eating it instead of gutsing it all up 😉 very happy customer and horsies.


Email from Kate A - June 2020

Hi Nikki,

Thank you for your updates and recent contact. I have purchased 2 of these nets prior to this to see how they went with our horses and I have definitely seen at least a week if not 2 weeks of extra feed and little to no waste. I'm hoping to try it out on our other horses and see if we can save some $$$$$$ on ongoing feed costs. Thanks again and I look forward to receiving your nets!!!

Kind Regards,



Email from Linda

Hi Nikki,

Received my GutzBusta haynets and just wanted to let you know that THEY ARE GREAT. The fatties weren't entirely happy the first day but now have got used to them. I bought the 6cm nets in medium and I fill them each morning and they last for 24 hours. There are three ponies in one paddock and there are three nets so it is all working out well. I have another two nets for two younger ponies one of whom tends to paw at hay bags so thought your nets would be so much safer for her.

Thanks once again.

Best wishes



Facebook message 16-6-20 From Linda Byrnes

Fantastic nets. I have them in all my stables. Saves me a lot of time. I now only fill twice weekly instead of twice daily 👍


Email from Simon 28-5-20

Hi, Please find below photo of our ponies munching out through their new haynets for the competition.

We are really happy with the new time it takes for our ponies to get through their tucker.

Also to confirm that I’m OK with you using this photo in promotional advertising.


Facebook Message 19-5-20 from Lisa Mcevoy

So impressed with this net, not a crumb left... lol and no mess. The hay lasted almost 3 weeks. No cleanup, have a new round bale in it again now and did it all by myself. Happy customer, and fat happy horses, thank you.


Email message 18-5-20

Oh you’re a doll. I love your products!

The big bale net: I love that it opens along the long side rather than the top. I have one with a teeny opening at the top and getting it over the bale is like putting on a damp wetsuit! But your side opening ones are much easier.

Looking forward to having little nets for the boys to nibble.

Best wishes


Text message from Merilyn 15-5-20

Thank you, your hay nets have turned very cranky confined fat ponies into much slimmer ponies who are not entirely horrible. They even look forward to feed time without sounding as if their throats were cut!

Angel Jade Tanner recommends GutzBusta Slow Feed Hay Nets. March 2020

These nets are tough ! i have a very destructive mare who has torn every net Ive ever used, the gutzbusta is holding its weight beautifully.
I ordered the small, medium & large pack and a round bail net.
with the small Im able to ration my mini pony over 24 hour period which helps with keep his weight at a good healthy point. (altho its not small ! I can fit 3 to 4 biscuits in it)
the medium easily holds a half a square bail, my blind boy gets a whole square each day as we are in drought and thats his daily grazing equivilent, i fill his net twice a day.
I have 2 paddocked together and use the large bail, easily fits a whole square which they get twice a day.
my main paddock uses the round bail net.. my first time putting the net on the round was hilarious I was not mentally prepared for that challenge 😂 but the second go I think I found the nack 👌 zero wastage.
brilliant productz, one very happy customer with a tonne of happy horses. thankyou GutzBusta


March 2020

Vikki Evans

Thanks Nikki. Love your slow feed nets. I did buy a couple of another brand last year, very similar to yours, BUT with yours being wider than they are high, it makes it so much easier to get the hay in them, and I think yours has smaller “knots” at the corners of the little squares. Both of those things make them better to use. I use a plastic tub with the bottom cut out of it as a “funnel” to make it easier to drop the hay in the net and it fits perfectly inside the opening of your nets 😝 (and using the “funnel” makes it SO much easier to load the hay anyway!).

Thanks for your prompt service, and the email. Customer relations could be the key to business survival in these troubling times.

Please feel free to use that as a testimonial, with or without my name. I don’t mind. It is all just the facts based on my experience. 😊.

I also have a couple of your original, slightly smaller nets, which I have had for MANY years. They have been in constant use, a lot of the time with hay being soaked in them, so in water for many hours, and they have not deteriorated at all. Plus, my pony is a very feisty gutsy eater and he hasn’t managed to damage them in any way.

Kind Regards



Hi Nikki,

I purchase your product a few weeks ago and just thought id share my experience. my pony's feet were smelling and quite black and soft which i thought was thrush. I went on holiday for 2 weeks and thinking that his feet were going to be extremely bad when i got back i hoped for the best. I cleaned his feet 2 days ago and it was still smelly and black and soft. I used the product last night and tonight when i did his feet they were %100 better. i am so happy with this product i will make sure i always have some on hand. (im not sure how you were supposed to put it on so i just used my fingers and rubbed it all over the bottom of the hoof) i cant thank you enough!