Round Bale Nets - Advantages

Advantages of using a GutzBusta® Slow Feed Hay Net

With the lack of rain in Australia and therefore hay being more of a precious commodity than usual, using anything that can prolong the use and life of our hay becomes a valuable addition to the way we manage our horses and livestock.

No matter if you are experiencing drought, flood or just want to stop wastage, using a GutzBusta® with your round bale can reduce wastage to as much as 46%.

Putting a round bale out for horses, cattle, sheep, alpaca's and other livestock can be a great way to ensure your livestock have a continual hay supply, especially in drought conditions, or in winter when they need more fiber than the grass alone is providing. They are also a great way to minimize time and labor feeding stock and also great when feeding a large number of animals. BUT, the downside to round bale usage is that research has shown that by simply placing a round bale in a paddock that as much as 46% can be wasted. This wastage occurs from the animals stomping on the hay, pulling it apart, sleeping on it, using the bale as a toilet, and also being blown away in the wind.

GutzBusta Hay Net  without Hay wastage

Above: This is how much round bales typically get spread without a net. At this point, these horses were barely interested in eating much more of this hay, so it was unfortunately wasted.

We have had some wonderful testimonials from people, including one lady that stated that her bale used to last 5 days, but by using a GutzBusta® Hay Net their consumption stretched out to 2 1/2 weeks. This quickly amounts to massage savings in hay and the hay net quickly pays for itself.

We have just had 1 roundbale of 4x4 oaten hay last 3 mths in Spring 2019 as it wasn't overly palatable hay but was still there for the 3 horses to pick at when they wanted to.

Above: This shows a fresh bale of oaten hay with hay net applied which is now ready for consumption.

Nearly empty GutzBusta Slow Feed Hay Net - 800

Above: This is a round bale with a GutzBusta® Hay Net on. It was slowly eaten down, but remained together. It shows minimal wastage and still had over a weeks grazing left in it. Without a net it would be wasted from this point on.

When using a GutzBusta® Round Bale/Large Square Hay Net you are:

  • Ensuring that you are minimizing your hay wastage (up to 46%).
  • Prolonging the longevity of your round bale as well as decreasing your labour due to not having to put bales out as frequently.
  • Ensuring your horses and livestock always have something to eat.
  • Slowing down gready and overweight horses, but also providing constant forage for underweight horses by creating a more natural feeding environment of being able to graze 24-7.
  • Assisting your horse to not develop boredom vices, stomach ulcers and reducing the incidence of choke as your horse cannot grab huge mouthfuls at a time.
  • Increasing herd happiness as once the horses know they always have hay available then the aggressiveness decreases.

Above: After 10 days with 6 cattle and 15 sheep grazing on the net.... not much left and very little wastage.

Eating from their GutzBusta® Round Bale Hay Net. Note that the bale is still contained within the confines of the net even though it is over half way eaten.

Note: Cattle may rub their heads on the bale with netting on it and therefore rub their ear tags out on the net. Therefore you need to decide if a hay net will be suitable for your particular situation.