Net Installation Service

Haverford Pty Ltd does not currently offer an installation service, however our many years in the industry have ensured we are the wholesaler netting provider to over 50 Installers across Australia.

As a result of this supply, we have an extensive list of Professional Installers in most areas of Australia and New Zealand.

Some of the netting installation categories we can help with contacts include:

  • Commercial Bird Netting Installations (warehouse/factory/awnings/rooftop stones)
  • Rural bird exclusion nets (vineyard netting / orchards / vegetable gardens)
  • Indoor Sports Centres
  • Commercial sporting applications
  • Outdoor Barrier nets for Soccer / Football / Cricket etc
  • Golf driving range netting
  • Indoor Golf Cage facillities
  • Residential Sporting nets (cricket cages / fence barrier nets / soccer nets)
  • Residential Aviary / Bird exclusion
  • Residential and Commercial Cat Enclosures
  • Commercial Aviary
  • Safety nets (Fall Arrest nets / Debris catch nets / Workplace safety)
  • Indoor and Outdoor Playground / Adventure Nets
  • Decorative Netting Installations
  • Shark Enclosure Nets
  • Duck and Predator Bird Pond Exclusion Nets
  • Hail netting canopy nets

We must note that these contacts are not employees of Haverford, and a purely a referral from us for a local business in your area. However unlikely, we cannot accept any responsibility for any installation or quotation related issues. Please ensure you clearly clarify your requirements and sale conditions with the listed businesses before proceeding.

You can view a selection of our Professional and DIY installations below. To hear about our full list of Installers please give us a call on (02) 9771 5288