Hay Net Size Range

Our GutzBusta® Knotless Hay Net range consists of:

  • 2cm x 2cm square holes (8th of an inch) (knotless only)
  • 3cm x 3cm square holes (1″ square)
  • 4cm x 4cm square holes (1.5″ square)
  • 6cm x 6cm square holes (2.3″ square)

Sizes Available in 3cm, 4cm & 6cm:

Extra Small Takes one biscuit of hay

Small – Takes up to 3 generous biscuits of hay

Medium – Takes up to 4 biscuits or half small bale

Large – Takes a full small bale

    Round bales - Available in 3cm, 4cm and 6cm sized holes;

    3x4 - (black in colour)

    4×4 - (black in colour)

    5×4 - (black in colour)

    6×4 - (black in colour)

    If you run out of round bales, you can always use your round bale net to fill full of small bales to give your horses a bulk amount of hay still? This is pictured below.

    Please note that the 6×4 hay nets will fit all 4 sizes of Round Bales. There will of course be some slack in the netting that will need to be taken up, for an idea on how to do this you can click here.


    The Large Export Square Bales (8x4x3 and 8x3x3) are also known as a 'one size fits all' hay net in that they will fit ALL sizes of round bale PLUS the Large Square Bales. Instructions on how to do this can be found here. This is great for drought times in that you will have a net that is truly flexible to fit whatever hay you can find.

    Above is a photo of a one of these Large Square 8x4x3 Bales on a 4x4 Round Bale. Note the rolled up edge.

    New Sizes:

    Recently we have added some new sizes to our range of nets:

    • Extra Small - available in knotted and knotless - one biscuit only. Available in 2cm 3cm, 4cm and 6cm holes hay nets.

    More Information about our GutzBusta® Hay Net Range

    As of August 2016, EVERY size of our knotted hay nets had a revamp with draw string material used and more importantly, they all had a size increase. Our hay nets are now the most generous sized hay nets in Australia. They all have wide mouths that make filling much easier.  As we have been making them for over 6 years now, we know how they nets respond with 24/7 use and have made adjustments to make sure your hay nets are always easy to fill.

    • The knotted are made from UV stabilised, pre-stretched polyethylene netting. They are tough and strong.

    In 2020, we started to introduce our Knotless range, starting with the 4cm sized nets, which is now complete in 3cm, 4cm and 6cm hay net hole sizes.

    Our knotted and knotless nets:

    • Have a square mesh pattern which means that no matter how much or how little hay is inside the net, they are always easy to eat out of it, unlike diamond shaped holes that collapse down on themselves as the hay net empties.
    • All of these nets have a quality overlocked side stitching along the side seams to make them tough and durable. All nets have been designed by us and we have worked out the best sizes to suit tough Australian conditions. We started making these nets in 2011 and thanks to customer feedback, we have developed a hay net superior to others available in Australia. They are very generous in sizing with wide mouths to allow them to be easily filled.

    Knotted GutzBusta Hay nets - Medium, Small and Large.

    Made from 60ply netting which is a heavier duty netting material and is therefore stronger for those horses that are hard on things. Horses that paw a lot, pull at rugs, chew things, young horses or a few horses sharing the same net would all benefit from the 60ply.

  • There are no metal joins of any sort on our nets, so nothing harmful for your horse to chew. All nets come with a strong and high quality draw string that is easy to tie and untie knots with.

  • Be very careful that you are comparing apples with apples when comparing different brands of slow feeders.  For example, one of our competitors large is only a fraction bigger than our small.  Another competitors mouth of their medium (half bale) is only as wide as our small. This means frustration for you when trying to fill your hay net. If the mouths (openings) of the nets are too small, they are much harder to use and fill.

    Measurements are provided in each individual hay nets information page so you can make an informed decision.


      HELP! What sized holes will best suit my situation and animals? Click here for a thorough analysis of this.


      Hay Net Sizes Available:

      EXTRA SMALL - These nets are perfect for snack sizes, ponies, float, or shows. They take a single a biscuit of hay. Approximate size: 55cm x 65cm.

      SMALL - Capable of taking up to 3 biscuits of hay.  Even longer drawstring to easily facilitate hanging in a float.  These nets are ideal size for floating, ponies and horses, and providing snacks for a few ours etc. Approximate size: 70cm wide by 80cm high.

      Watch this clip to learn how to fill your small GutzBusta® net easily.  Hay net used in this movie is a 3cm.

      MEDIUM - Will easily carry 4-6 biscuits of hay or half a small bale.  Size has been slightly increased to maximize ease of filling and amount of hay able to be put into the net.  The drawstring length has also been slightly increased to easily facilitate hanging from a tree or tying to a strong tie point. The knotted are just over 1 meter wide x 85cm high and slightly smaller in the knotted which are 80cm x 90cm.

      This is our most popular and versatile size, suitable for the float, stable or paddock.

      Even easier to fill if you have 2 hay nets, simply put one Medium on one end of a bale and another Medium hay net of the other end of a small bale, pull the nets towards the centre of the bale from each end and cut the strings in the middle and your nets are filled.

      Watch to learn how to fill your medium GutzBusta® hay net easily. Hay net used in this movie is a 3cm.

      LARGE - Will easily carry a full small bale of hay.  Entire design has been changed to make these VERY easy to fill.  You can now load your hay net with hay from the long side and this makes them super easy and super quick to fill.  The drawstring length has also been slightly increased to easily facilitate hanging from a tree or tying to a strong tie point. These nets now hang horizontally not vertically, but can be hung horizontal if you still want to.

      Great to use if you don’t want to feed out hay every day or are going away for a few days and need to know your horse ALWAYS has something to eat or you have a few horses that you are feeding? Also great to use if someone else is feeding your horse while you are away to make the whole feeding process less labour intensive.

      Now SUPER EASY to fill. Unique design to Australia.  These Large nets now open right up and you fill from the long side of your bale, instead of trying to bust yourself by pulling your hay net down the entire length of the bale which is time consuming and difficult, particularly if your hay is stalky.  Simply place your square bale the ground, open up your hay net and place over the long side of the bale, pull the netting down towards the ground, then flip over the bale 180 degrees, pull the excess netting up around the sides to bring edges together and then pull your draw string and your Large Hay Net is filled in about 10 seconds.

      This also makes them fantastically wonderful to use if you feed your horses chunks of hay from a round bale due to having no small bales or if you have the large square export bales and are dealing with the large biscuits of hay. Due to the mouth of this net opening up to a super wide width of 1.4 meters and a height of 1m, these nets are simply awesome to use when trying to fill a hay net from difficult sources.  Because our hay nets are a square design netting, the holes do not collapse down on each other, so whether you have 1 biscuit of hay or a full small bale, your horse can still eat from this net.  This GutzBusta Large size is a truly versatile size.

      Watch to learn how to fill your large GutzBusta® hay net easily. Hay net used in this movie is a 3cm.

      ROUND BALES hay net sizes available in both knotted and knotless:
      • 3x4
      • 4x4
      • 5x4
      • 6x4

      Please note that a 6×4 round bale will also fit the smaller sized round bales such as a 5×4 or 4×4.  Although there will be excess netting in the smaller sizes, this can easily be solved by rolling up one edge and tying off in a couple of places with bailing twine or rope to take up the slack. An explanation on how to do this can be found here.

      There is much information here to help you determine what size your round bale is and how to measure.

      We have a Blog that gives extensive information on using Round Bale hay nets and how to fit them which can be seen here.

      A testimonial from one very happy customer stated that she was going through one round bale of hay every week for her sheep, goats and alpaca’s, however after using a 3cm round bale net, she is now getting between 5 to 6 weeks out of one round bale. The hay net quickly paid for itself!

      LARGE EXPORT SQUARE BALES (8x3x3 & 8x4x4). Available in both knotted and knotless. This size is also known as a 'one size fits all' hay net in that it will fit these large square bales AND all sizes of round bales. Click here to see how to do this.

      Click on this link or a detailed Blog and pictorial and video on how to put a hay net onto a Large Square 8x4x3 bale.


      Basically you need to use good common horse sense when using any hay net! 

      • Do not leave buckled halters or other type of buckled head gear on your horse when using ANY type of hay net as  your horse may get caught.  
      • If your horse is shod then simply tie your net up a little higher out of hoof range or put your net inside a box, or other device such as a hay ring that stops their feet coming into contact with the hay net.  
      • Similarly, do not let horned animals such as cattle, sheep or goats eat from the hay nets as they may tear the netting or get entangled.
      • If your horse or pony does have direct access to the hay net with it’s feet, then make sure it’s feet are larger than the holes of the hay net, this is particularly important if foals are using the hay nets too.