GutzBusta® offers Australia's largest variety of slow feed hay nets.

Our GutzBusta® brand has been around for over 8 years, with our nets being proudly designed in Australia by an Australian-owned business.

We are more than JUST an online shop, we have spent 100's of hours putting information on our website and continue to update information and products all the time.  We want our customers to be educated on how to best use their hay net, what sizes suit best, therefore we provide lots of information to assist you in making the right choice.  Please contact us if you have any questions or would like further advice.  We offer a higher service than just taking your money.

GutzBusta is owned and operated by me - Nikki Tucker, and my husband Phil with assistance from our little girl.

Our Slow Feed Hay Nets were developed over 8 years ago as I realized there was a need to supply the horse industry and my trimming clients with high quality slow feed hay nets (aka GutzBusta® was born). It deeply saddened me to see horses and ponies locked up in small areas with nothing to eat!! Developing these nets helped fix that problem and gave owners many more options for managing their horses.  

Having metabolic horses myself, I can truly say how wonderful these nets are in maintaining their weight, health and well-being by allowing them to always have access to something to eat, but not being able to gobble it down in 5 minutes. 

I have invested significant time, money and energy in educating myself on horses and their care.  Having graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Equine Studies) in 1999 from Charles Sturt University, I then completed a TAFE Cert III (Equine Hoof Care) in 2008.  Still seeking further knowledge, I then enrolled in the Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy course in Yarck in which I have completed and passed my final exam, but yet to complete the case studies.   

I have also attended 5 x whole horse dissections with Sharon May Davis (assisting with 2), a Photonic Red-Light therapy course, and a Holistic Horse Works Equine Therapy Course as well as 3 Hoof Conferences around Australia.  Therefore, developing a superior product for the Equine and Livestock industries is very important to me as horses are a deep passion of mine. 

Due to the success of GutzBusta® Hay Nets, the business is now being run by Phil and myself with the help of our casual staff. We are now primarily a husband and wife team which is great as we both get to see our little girl grow up with our home-based business. 

We take our business very seriously and aim to provide a professional website and buying experience for our valued customers. That is why both GutzBusta® and ThrushEze® are registered trademarks. 

ThrushEze® was developed while I was trimming as it just didn't make sense to be putting a wet product like apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil and water on an already wet foot when treating thrush, so the concept of ThrushEze® Hoof Powder was also born. 

We are contunually expanding into more hoof products for your convenience. 

Our online shop will be continually updated with new products, so please check back regularly.  We aim to send purchases as quickly as possible despite living out of town as we feel this is very important to our customers. 

Feedback on our products and services is always appreciated to enable us to continually strive for great customer service with fantastic products, which is why GutzBusta's are the #1 Slow Feed Hay Net in Australia. 

Please feel free to contact us on 0418 282 097 to speak to Nikki during business hours or via email gbhaynets@bigpond.com anytime. 

We are also on Facebook so please like and share us. 

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