Accessories for Slow Feed Hay Nets

Welcome to our collection of GutzBusta® Accessories! Here, you'll find a range of high-quality products designed to enhance your slow feed hay netting experience. From Carabiner Clips to Spare Draw Strings, we have all the accessories you need to ensure your hay nets are secure and in optimal condition. Our Repair Kit for GutzBusta® Hay Nets comes in handy for any minor repairs that may be needed.

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Premium 8mm Soft-Polyester Replacement Drawstring
X-Small (2.1m)Small (2.3m)Medium (3m)Large (3.4m)X-Large (3.7m)3x4 (4.3m)4x4 (5.8m)5x4 (6.5m)6x4 (7.6m)Giant (7.6m)
Draw String - Spare
SmallMediumLargeRound Bale 4x4Round Bale 5x4Round Bale 6x4Large Square Export Bale -8x3x3 or 8x4x3Extra SmallExtra Large

Draw String - Spare

Bellota Top Sharp Rasp

Bellota Top Sharp Rasp

Carabiner Clip - Heavy Duty

Carabiner Clip - Heavy Duty

Haverford Black / 40mm Deluxe Knotless Hay Netting Bulk Roll: 15m x 4m

Deluxe Knotless Hay Netting Bulk Roll: 15m x 4m

$362.00From $235.30
GutzBusta Hay Bale Bag

Hay Bale Bag

Hay Weigher

Hay Weigher

Hoof Pick with Wire Brush- Blue

Hoof Pick with Wire Brush

GutzBusta Lick Net Only (No salt)

Lick Net Only (No salt)

From $14.00
Aussie Grazers Accessories Exercise Bandages

Exercise Bandages - Pack of 4