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GutzBusta Hay Nets for Livestock – not just for horses!

Many people are now using our hay nets for all livestock. Although primarily used for horses, slow feed hay nets are...

One size fits all – 6×4 GutzBusta Slow Feed Hay Net

What about if you don't know what size round bale of hay you will be buying?  In a drought, and getting differing sizes of round bales? What if you change round bale hay suppliers and they make a different size? Do you want a hay net that offers your flexibility, ease of putting on, flexibility of putting on multiple round bales no matter what size?? Do you also occasionally use both round bales AND the Large Export Square Bales?

Springtime Caution! Feed your horse by weight, not biscuit!

Most of us feed our horses by biscuits of hay for convenience without a second thought! However, the individual hay ...
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