GutzBusta Hay Nets for Livestock – not just for horses!

GutzBusta® for livestock and horses

Many people are now using our hay nets for all livestock. Although primarily used for horses, slow feed hay nets are increasing in popularity for assisting in managing livestock as well. Many parts of Australia have experienced a very dry winter and spring, therefore creating an issue of limited grass and feed availability. For many horse owners, and hobby farmers this has meant a reliance on hay far more than usual. However, livestock such as cattle, sheep, horses, donkeys, goats and alpacas aren’t known for their table manners and are quite happy to waste your expensive and precious hay, especially when it’s in a round bale or large export bale.

Pictured Above:
John and Alison from Newbridge tried a GutzBusta® Round Bale Net with their cattle and sheep. Although there are other variables such as weather, time of year etc, they were happy to report that putting a GutzBusta® Slow Feeder Hay Net on their round bale made the bale last twice as long. There were 6 cows and 15 sheep with access and the bale still lasted until day 10. It was unknown if the sheep got a chance though as the cows were primarily around the bale. Although there were no problems with the cattle being caught in the net, it would be advisable to put a steel feeding ring around the outer perimeter and then the round bale with the net on the inside of this ring. This will keep the cattle and their hooves from walking on the bale as it gets eaten down.

This is where using a GutzBusta Slow Feed Hay Net comes in very handy to help you minimize the amount of hay wasted. GutzBusta’s have been used successfully with cattle, sheep, alpacas, donkey’s, goats and of course horses. Even chickens can benefit from having a slow feeder with hay in it.
Pictured Above: Donkey’s eating from a Medium GutzBusta Hay Net, A cow and a horse sharing a 4cm GutzBusta Round Bale (48ply) Slow Feed Hay Net and sheep eating from a 4cm GutzBusta Round Bale (48ply).

Save up to 46% of your hay from being wasted! Drastically reduce hay being wasted from soiling, used as a bed and being spread around the paddock, PLUS your hay will last longer, meaning you feed less often, and therefore go through less hay!


Please note that ears tags can be rubbed out, so take this into consideration when deciding if a hay net is suited for your cattle or livestock. We also do not recommend for livestock with horns.

Alpaca’s at the Murrumbateman Field Days a few years ago eating from a Small GutzBusta Hay Net.

Above: Alpacas eating easily from a 4cm Small (old size) at the Murrumbateman Field Days.

Goat eating from a 4cm Medium GutzBusta Hay Net

A Goat eating from a 4cm Medium GutzBusta Hay Net.

More Information about GutzBusta® Hay Nets

  • They are made from UV stabilised, pre-stretched polyethylene netting. They are tough and strong. Square mesh pattern which means that no matter how much or how little hay is inside the net, they are always easy to eat out of it, unlike diamond shaped holes that collapse down on themselves as the hay net empties.
  • These nets have overlocked side stitching along the side seams to make them a tough and durable Hay Net. All nets have been designed by us and we have worked out the best sizes to suit Australian conditions. Developed and designed in Australia for the last 7 and thanks to customer feedback, we have produced a hay net superior to others available in Australia. They are very generous in sizing with wide mouths to allow them to be easily filled.
  • New 60ply available in 3cm, 4cm and 6cm sizes. 60ply is a heavier duty netting material and is, therefore, stronger for those animals that are hard on things.

Sheep eating from a 4cm 4x4 60ply GutzBusta Round Bale hay net

Sheep eating from a 4cm 60ply GutzBusta Hay Net (4x4).

Gutzbusta 6x4 - 3cm Hay Net with Goats

Don’t waste your hay, order a GutzBusta® today!!


"By using a 3cm Round Bale hay net with our goats, alpaca and sheep, we have gone from using one round bale per week, to our round bale now lasting 6 weeks! These nets are fantastic!"
Tegan Thiel