GutzBusta® Knotless Hay Nets - New!

New to the GutzBusta® product range are the Knotless GutzBusta® Hay Nets.

This new super soft netting is made from 5mm thick and high strength PP (polypropylene). Like our regular knotted nets, the knotless hay nets are available in round bale, small, medium, large (with 4cm hole size). This means the new nets are still super easy to fill due to nice wide-open mouths. 

This product can be thrown on the ground if your horse isn’t shod. It doesn’t have metal joints, too, so you don’t have to worry about your horses’ teeth or mouths getting injured. 

There is limited stock available so make sure you don’t miss out!

Round bales: 

  • 4x4 - 4cm 
  • 5x4 - 4cm
  • 6x4 - 4cm 

Knotless GutzBusta® Round Bale Hay Net


  • 0.725m x 0.85m

Our small Knotless GutzBusta® Hay Nets are fantastic for stables, yards, horse floats, and paddocks. They are strong and capable of taking up to 3 biscuits of hay. 

GutzBusta Knotless Hay Net - Small

Small Knotless GutzBusta® Hay Net 


  • 0.85m x 1.05m

Our medium Knotless GutzBusta® Hay Nets are fantastic for stables, yards, horse floats, and paddocks. A great overnight net. They are durable and capable of taking up to half a bale of hay or 4 to 6 biscuits.

Opening on the long side they are very easy to throw biscuits of hay into. If you have 2, then you can put one Medium on one end of a small bale, the other Medium on the other end, and then cut the strings in the middle and ‘Voilà’, your hay net is filled…. simple and easy!

GutzBusta Knotless Hay Net - Medium

Medium Knotless GutzBusta® Hay Net


  • 1.3m x 1.5m

Our Large Knotless GutzBusta® Hay Nets are fantastic for stables, yards, and paddocks. A great day to 2+ day net.

Opening on the long side they are very easy to load a full small bale of hay into.

GutzBusta Knotless Hay Net - Large

Large Knotless GutzBusta® Hay Net


Why use GutzBusta®? 

A GutzBusta® Round Bale Hay Net decreases wastage for up to 46%.  In our situation, a 4x4 round bale of pasture hay can last 3 to 4 horses for 7 to 15 days with a 4cm net, depending on how cold the weather is.  This rate was for Winter, however, in Summer, we found that a 4x4 lasted these horses nearly 3 months due to being low sugar/palatability.

Our products are designed with large drawstrings to secure the hay net around your round bale. It’s easier to put on compared to other hay nets available in the market. We’ve been making hay nets for over 8 years and we know how the netting behaves over time. This is why we developed a size and pattern that works to enable these nets to last longer.  

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